Cooking Tips



” Store spices in a cool, dark place, not above your gas cooker/stove. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavour ”


For Your Vote To Count

The count down to Saturday 28th March has begun. We all need to vote and make sure our vote count. Its time for us to choose our next president. Its time for us to vote for our desired future.

I will be voting and i want to go prepared. Since there might not be people there to sell water or drinks i will be going with my own water to reduce dehydration. i`m sure it will be sunny. So if you are interested you can join me in preparing for the day. I have to go with cold water and some snacks. For the water, these are my plans

1. wpid-imag0576.jpg

  •  A Flask of cold water. This should last for hours since its made of good quality.

2.  wpid-imag0569.jpg

  •  A bottle of iced block wrapped with an old newspaper . The iced block here can last for more than 10 hours if well wrapped.

I will recommend this for my friends who does not have good flask or loves iced cold water. To achieve this follow this steps


  • Old Newspaper
  • A bottle of water

Mise en place

  • Put the bottle of water in the freezer over night



  • Lay the old newspaper down on a flat surface. 12 to 20 sheets should be use


  • Wrap the newspaper round the bottle of iced block starting from the edge of the newspaper to the end


  • Wrap to the end and close the bottom and the top of the newspaper.


  • When you are done, this is how it should look like. Put it in a bag and you are good to go.

Note:   It does not stop the block from defrosting but reduces the rate it defrost. You can add water to it to cool the water but all the water must be poured out when its cool. If not the water will defrost the block.


Being Creative with Food

I was just minding my own business jeje (Nigerian word) when these popped up and I was like……seriously? What goes on in people`s mind? Believe me all I could think about is how am going to show you cos I don’t want to enjoy it alone.  Really, am impress. I love creativity


Citrus Fruits cut into halves


Chili Peppers


Egg Shells


Tomatoes cut into halves


Whole Citrus Fruits






Whole Tomatoes

Dough nuts

Dough nuts

So creative. What do you think?

Photo Credit/Creativity: Emily Blincoe       [ ]

Cooking Tips




” Always defrost your food at room temperature before cooking it or putting it in the microwave. With this you retain the delicious taste of the food ”

…eat good, live good!